GenePath is a web-enabled intelligent assistant for the analysis of genetic data and for discovery of genetic networks. You can run GenePath by clicking on the link below. Please note that GenePath will open in a new window, so make sure that your browser does not block this.

>> Run GenePath (opens a new browser window)

GenePath uses abductive inference to elucidate network constraints and logic to derive consistent networks. Typically, it starts with a set of genetic experiments, uses a set of embedded rules (patterns) to infer relations between genes and outcome, and based on these relations constructs a genetic network. Below, for instance, is an example of mutant data (left) and a corresponding genetic network constructed by GenePath (right):

Mutant data   Genetic network

Notice that this is a new, second version of GenePath. It is developed with Microsoft ASP.NET technology, has a completely rebuilt interface, and is much faster than the previous version. Compared to the previous version which we describe in the paper published in Bioinformatics, it includes a number of new features:

Guide Read the GenePath guide to learn about GenePath web interface and how to use GenePath to enter, manage and analyze your data and discover genetic networks.